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Striving to bring a quality cup of coffee to everyone, while holding to the value of a living wage for all involved. The farmers who grow the beans all the way to the barista who hands you your coffee will make a living wage. We serve coffee, tea and pastries, with light food options. We believe when something is shared by word of mouth it has greater impact. That's why we have branded ourselves Word Coffee. We encourage everyone to "talk about the things you care about". We care about you and we hope that you will use this space to care for others and share your passions.
  1. This is a free-pour Latte Art Contest, not a barista contest. Only the visual appearance of your latte will be judged (not your overall barista skills). There will be no etching or after-pour manipulations (no drawing with straws, toothpicks, thermometers, etc.)
  2. We will have a bracket of the first contestants to show up in person. No one can signup on someone’s behalf unless pre authorized by the host coffee shop before the day of.
  3. This is an informal contest. Our goal is to have fun, network, and enjoy community.
  4. Latte art will be judged on four criteria – clarity, balance, creativity and overall appeal. Overall appeal will be weighted twice as much as the other three categories. Word Coffee has selected the judges with all efforts to encourage fairness. Employees of Word Coffee may enter and compete. No Judge is employed by Word Coffee
  5. During the contest, participants will pour milk in the parameters set for that round. each round may change in parameter and requirements. The Elimination is tournament style, single elimination.The three judges will point to who they think is the winner on the count of 3 and the one who has 2 or more votes will move on. 
  6. Participants will use espresso provided by Lux Coffee Roasters and milk provided by Word Coffee. Participants may not use any additives or modifiers to either the espresso or the milk.
  7. Pitchers and cups will be provided.  Contestants may bring their own steaming/frothing pitcher. 
  8. Participants will need to present their latte to the judges. This will require being carried from the espresso machine area to the judge panel and be  lifted or slid to the edge of the serving counter. Overflows or messes WILL result in a lower score.
  9. Participants will need to sign a release allowing us to use photos of them and/or their art.
  10. Any action deemed an intentional sabotage of another barista’s work or ability to do work may result in disqualification.
  11. Any person who wins top prize will be asked to judge the next throwdown, if they choose not to judge they will not be able to compete in that throwdown. This only applies to first place winners. 
  12. Rules are subject to change and/or modification. Decisions of management can not be appealed … your flexibility will be appreciated.
  • 816 North College Avenue, Fayetteville, AR, USA